Scott's 800km Solo Trekking for the Singapore Cancer Society


Day 22 - 23 July 2017

Total funds raised: S$8310/S$10,000
Total distance covered: 802.51KM/800KM

Total distance covered by foot: 243.86KM
Total distance covered by bike: 558.65KM

The time has finally arrived for me to announce the completion of my first official expedition after 22 gruesome days in Mongolia.

First and foremost, i would like to thank everyone because honestly, I wouldn't have made it possible without the support from my family, my partner, Kavita Sonapal Kaur, my Mongolian support team (Gaana and Temujin), my friends, Nicholas Beh , owner of Terrainware and of course every single one of you who stood by me throughout this journey and also believing in me, my cause and purpose for this expedition.

I'm gonna cut to the chase. There are a few key things I want to share with all of you.

Number 1: Be prepared that things doesn't always go your way.
Especially when you're dealing with Mother Nature. Your plans may not work out smoothly all the time. So remember when that happens, continue staying positive and calm, don't ever think about raising the white flag because you're overwhelmed by it. Instead, try searching for other options to continue working on your goals or whatever you've set your mind to. Walk your talk.

Number 2: Pain is temporary. Victory is forever.
I was feeling excruciating pain from my blisters throughout the first 10 days of my expedition, but I continued to grind and push myself until I saw how bad it was which made me realised that I have to stop immediately to prevent the chances of bacteria infection which could be fatal. And after being treated by the nurse from a small village in the Gobi Desert, and also after a few days of rest, the pain eventually subsided. What's left are just the raw wounds (holes) in my feet after she cut it all out. And today, I've fully recovered and I'm glad that I didn't succumb to temporary pain.

Number 3: Mind is everything. Period.

It's time for me to take my rest and pretty soon, i will be back in Singapore on 26th July 630am.

The journey hasn't ended and will never end because I will bring you guys another EPIC expedition in year 2018. Stay tuned.

And thank you all once again who have believed in me and supported my cause! You guys can still donate as the closing date for the fund raising campaign ends officially on 31st August 2017: To donate:…/800km_solo_expedition_across_mongol…

Till then,

Scott Tay
Beyond Expeditions SG