Charity Expedition: Paddling 300KM Across Mongolia's Largest Lake For Down Syndrome


Scott Tay, 26 years old, the founder and owner of a boutique travel agency, Beyond Expeditions Singapore, dedicates his life to taking you and I to uncharted parts of the world like Mongolia and Ladakh. 

“Go Beyond”, as he often says, is a philosophy he infuses with his way of life. And, beyond he went. 

2017, 800km of solo expediting across the excruciating conditions of the great Mongolian Gobi desert. 

2018, he inspired 18 others to do the same, taking on the desert for over a 1000km the second time; enduring unforgiving conditions each time he did. Both efforts combined, raised over $80,000 for Singapore Cancer Society, and that will benefit many underprivileged cancer patients and their families for a long time to come.

Now, you’ve probably guessed it, he’s not done (and will he ever be?). This time, he has his sights set on the “Blue Pearl of Mongolia”, the Khövsgöl lake. This awe inspiring lake may be popular amongst tourists and Mongolians alike. But do not be fooled. This magical lake is not to be underestimated. The crystal clear waters is only for the brave, for even in the summer months, the water is still bitterly cold!

So, coming July 2019, completely over 3 days, with nothing but only his kayak and gadgetry, Scott boldly battles solo over 300 kilometres of Mongolia’s largest lake under intense conditions to fundraise and spread awareness for the Down Syndrome Association Singapore. 

He strongly advocates for equal opportunities, rights, respect and quality of life for these Down’s people, and hopes to inspire them to live life to the fullest, to never giving up on their dreams, to always go beyond, and to believe in life’s limitless possibilities!

No doubt! Scott will have to brave through severe fatigue, endure weather extremities, mental strain, blistering sores, and battle whatever other challenges that may come his way. But that test of will pales in comparison to the daily struggle of people with down syndrome. With unparalleled grit and tenacity, he will endeavour to complete this challenge by pushing through excruciating mental barriers and physical stress. 

You too can be part of Scott’s journey! Donate generously and give these people the motivation and support they need to lead a life full of possibilities!