Travel Style: Private or Group?

By now, you probably already know that Beyond Expeditions SG has curated and organised numerous group expeditions since year 2017,

but do you actually know we also organize private trips for you and your family and friends as well?


If you want to travel solo or with your family/friends, we highly recommend this.
Our Russian minivan carries up to 6 pax, which is a decent fit for a close group of travellers.
You get to customise your itinerary - say if your company wants to do more of horse riding or visiting ancient temples, or even building a Mongolian ger!
Most importantly, you get to choose who, where, when and how you want to travel.

If you're alone or with a friend or 2, who loves to make new friends, this would be the most ideal for you.
We take up to maximum 12 pax and the expedition is facilitated by the team member(s) at Beyond Expeditions SG. 

Itinerary is specially curated by us and the dates and duration are fixed.

Are you ready to embark on your next adventure?

For more information, you may contact the team at or by submitting the form below!

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