Travel Style: Group or Private?

By now, you probably know that Beyond Expeditions SG does lots of group expedition trips all-year round, but do you know we actually organize private trips as well?


Why Private?
If you want to travel solo or with your family/friends, we will recommend this!
Our Russian Van carries up to 6pax, which is a decent for a small group of travellers.
You get to customise your itinerary - say if you/your friends want to do more horse riding or visiting lake areas, we will work out the itinerary for you!
Most importantly, you get to choose when to travel, and how long you want to travel!

Why Group?
If you're either alone or with a friend or few, who don't mind travelling with new faces, this would be the travel style you might want to go for!
Group Expedition travels in 12pax, that is 2 Russian Vans, accompanied by the team at Beyond Expeditions SG! Itinerary is set by us with minimal customisation, and you will have to follow through our stated date & duration.

There is absolutely no right or wrong choice, it's all up to your preference!

For more information, you may contact the team at or by submitting the form below!

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