BASECAMP v3: All That Food And Booze

The Team at B.E. held it's FIRST BASECAMP hang-out session of the year on 26th May 2018. 
It was raining so heavy that we thought we have to make do with Plan B, which is sticking around in the founder, Scott Tay's, cozy home. But thankfully, rain subsided around 7pm plus and everyone seems to be really enjoying each other's companion at the BBQ pit!

Full of endless conversations and laughters, everyone seems to be so engrossed in sharing about each other's experiences, be it travelling or life, I may have picked up a few pointers here and there as well.

It was an amazing evening and we can't wait to plan for our forth BASECAMP hangout with you guys! To the people whom we hung out with on our first BASECAMP, who came down for our third to support us and catch up life with us, THANK YOU. It always feels so good to see familiar faces around but we are always thrilled to meet new friends too.

Till the next one!

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Beyond Expeditions SG