Beyond Limits: Thoughts on Charity Expedition 2018

Braving 1000km of Brutal Gobi Climate for Cancer - the Gobi 1000km expedition has concluded for a while now so let’s take a look back at what went on.

A year ago, one (insane) individual who is also our founder Scott, decided to challenge 800km of the Gobi wasteland. So with massive blisters, he did.

This year, he did it again. But this time, he brought along 18 other individuals (crazy enough) to do this with him. 4 of whom are upstanding cancer survivors who probably have more balls than he ever has in his next three lives combined. And thus, the expedition commenced with 19 faces coming together for the first time.

Joining forces to take on a desert was by no means an easy feat. Gelling individual characters, learning to survive the grueling climate, training to meet physical demands, getting logistics and equipment ready, the list was never-ending.

Damn, and they have not even gotten to the expedition yet.

Now, fast forward to their pre-trek preparations with them eagerly setting foot on Ulaanbaatar, Land of the Blue Sky. The harsh unpredictable weather (scorching heat and frosty winds), excruciating blisters, enduring hundreds of miles of off-road bumpy rides, extreme fatigue, more agonizing blisters, stuck vans (that needed the whole village to rescue), uncomfortable outback conditions,… oh, and did they mention crazy pesky sandfly bites?


This journey parallels what cancer patients have to face in their daily battles. From physical torment to mental strain and financial stress, we can only imagine how torturous it is to go through that for years on end and equally gut-wrenching for loved ones to watch on.

But no matter the challenge, this sense of dedication to serving underprivileged cancer warriors banded all of them together, and they have met each hurdle with all the heart and soul they could give. They hope this display of perseverance will give strength to these fighters, and inspire them to do the same on their cancer journey. They also hope that most of the people out there have been inspired to do their part, whether in kind or in coin, for these warriors.

Alas, they may have fallen short of their initial target. But, heck. That’s just a figure. It doesn’t even slightly discount the fact that the five-figure sum they have raised from this expedition will do some real good for the countless cancer patients and their incredible caregivers. They will take pride in that fact.

So, thank you for following our journey. It has inspired all of us and many to live and love better, and we hope it has done the same for you.