Traveling has always come at the price of a disconnect. 
A soft, delicate, touch and go.
That wasn’t enough for us.
We yearned for more.
We didn’t want to just travel. 
We wanted to live it.

That was how Beyond Expeditions was formed. 

The founder of B.E. sought to enhance the spirit of traveling,
by creating intimate interactions between the traveler and their environment. 

Through a series of delicately curated itineraries,
Beyond Expeditions seeks to help travelers explore/discover beautiful and exotic destinations in Mongolia, Kazakhstan and Ladakh.

Our expedition leaders and homegrown agency partners, have come together to provide an immensely magical and relentless ride into some of the world’s most untouched places.

Allow yourself an intimate experience and traverse together with us, as we present to you exclusive access into the lives and culture of these places.

Experiential travel possesses the propensity to transform, the unsolicited gift of humility, and the strength to empower. 

Through this channel, Beyond Expeditions aims to provide an experience unlike any other, for the young and old, seasoned and fresh travelers alike. 



Scott Tay,
Founder and owner of

Beyond Expeditions SG

Backpacking at the ripe age of 17, Scott has developed into an extremely seasoned traveler. Most of Scott's adolescent years were spent backpacking, and has since grown to become an extremely seasoned globetrotter that he is now. His travels, however, are hugely off the beaten paths. "Unconventional destinations", that's his mantra. Think Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Iran, Bangladesh, Oman, etc - you get the idea.

He is a celebrated photographer with a diverse portfolio ranging from landscape to portraiture. His outgoing and friendly demeanour makes him a charismatic and effable facilitator for your expedition, while his sense of humour and love for the locals and nomads is contagious to those around him.

Plus, as if all aforementioned were insufficient, this brawny gentleman was also a former fire fighter certified in emergency response and imbued with grit, tenacity and a deep sense of responsibility.

Scott brings along with him an immense wealth of experience in adventure and the outdoors. Most recently, Scott embarked on a personal journey to raise funds for the Singapore Cancer Society and trekked 800 km across the Gobi Desert of Mongolia. He always says, "We are all capable of going beyond our limits." Well, just take a look at him - a walking embodiment of this belief.


Audrey Goh,
Digital Sorceress

A true creative at heart, Audrey has always leveraged on her love for traveling as a constant muse for her works of inspirations. Having competed in the rat race for several years, she decided enough was enough, and left her job to pursue her traveling dreams full-time.

A human multi-kit switchblade, Audrey's many talents has led her to engage in multiple start-ups in different industries, equipping her with experiences far beyond a typical millennial. She is also the driving force behind all Beyond Expeditions designs and its marketing team. In spite of all her accomplishments, it would be easy to be disarmed by her charming personality and Audrey maintains that she is the same easy-going, super chill chick.

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