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(29 Jun -7 Jul) Beyond Yoga: Goes To Central Mongolia

To Wonder and Heal I - A Nomadic Sojourn into Central Mongolia

Led by Jasmine Yeo
Dates: 29 June - 7 July 2018
Duration: 9 days
Destination: Ocean of the Green, Central Mongolia

Yoga is thoroughly rewarding. Traveling is thoroughly rewarding. Being huge advocates for both the natural wonders of the body and the world, we wanted to combine both for this expedition. 

Beyond Expeditions brings you: 
TO WONDER AND HEAL I: A Nomadic Sojourn into Central Mongolia

Practice your form and flow to the backdrop of one of Mongolia’s most stunning natural beauties, Terelj National Park. Let loose your mind and your spirit as you cross the famed Mongol sand dunes on the wide backs of camels. Wash away the troubles of yesterday and be revitalized as you wonder through the marvelous waterfalls of the Orkhon Valley. 

A once in a lifetime opportunity to indulge in your inner self. 
Take your practice to new levels. Elevate the way you travel.