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Charity Expedition: Braving 1000km of Brutal Gobi Climate for Cancer

Braving 1000km Of Brutal Gobi Climate For Cancer;
Together With 4 Cancer Survivors

Coordinated by Scott, founder of Beyond Expeditions SG and with support from Singapore Cancer Society, we are back again with our second year of fund-raising/adventure initiative charity expedition!

Last year, Scott has completed an 800km Solo Expedition Trek in the Great Gobi Desert of Mongolia and raised a total sum of S$8,630, in hope to help out the cancer patients and also to relay the message to them that, "They are stronger than who they think they are."

This year, we are looking to complete a 1000km of Charity Trek, along with 18 other compassionate and enthusiastic individuals! Amongst them, 4 of them are actually cancer survivors! 
Some of the them, including Scott, will be dragging tyres across the harsh Gobi terrain at more than 40 degree Celsius during the entire expedition to advocate an impactful message to the public that "Anything is possible, even if cancer comes knocking on your door, there is always hope and strength from within to overcome all such obstacles and to live the life we dream of, while ultimately raising more awareness of cancer."

We hope to get the support from all of you by helping us to raise more than S$100,000 for Singapore Cancer Society which in turn give these underprivileged warriors a better life.