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Charity Expedition: Beyond Limits - Frozen Edition

Beyond Limits: Frozen Edition | In Support of The Singapore Cancer Society

They’ve taken on the relentless Gobi desert, and you gave generously. This year, with hearts full, they are pushing further. This time, challenging the wicked frost of Northern Mongolia’s Taiga region.

🇲🇳: Taiga, North Mongolia
📆: 8th - 19th December 2019

Taiga, an obscure but mystical part of the world, straddles the Mongolian-Russian border, and contains diverse terrain and stunning landscapes. Think majestic steppe-taiga valleys and rugged peaks to breathtakingly dense boreal forests — its beauty is pretty much unparalleled in most of the world.

To take in it’s majestic grandeur, however, requires vigorous effort. It takes 6-7 hours on horseback to reach the inner depths of the Taiga Mountains, for example, and that’s just to name one of the countless challenges travellers face throughout their Taiga adventure. Not to mention the awfully ruthless subarctic climate, where during the long frigid months of winter, temperatures can plunge to an excruciating low of -50°C.

“Are these people out of their minds?!”, I can almost hear your exploding thoughts. 😱🥺😵

Short answer is, yes, they probably are.

But this arduous expedition is only to parallel the onerous journey cancer patients have to suffer through daily. One that is too physically and mentally agonising for anyone to experience, let alone having to shoulder all the monetary and emotional baggages that comes with it.

They don’t have to do it alone, though. By putting ourselves though this frosty expedition, we hope to inspire cancer patients to unshackle themselves from the indisposition, to believe in an amazing life beyond the big C, and to open their eyes to the countless big-hearted humans who are more than willing to weather through it with them every step of the way. We hope to inspire you too! To do more, to give love, and to contribute generously. 🥰🙌🏻

So, this December, join us, or follow our story, as we set off on our winter charity expedition, enduring the bitter cold of northern Mongolia, to raise more than S$100,000 all over again for these underprivileged warriors. 🙏🏻

26 July - 3 Aug 2017
Beyond Limits - Braving 1000km of Brutal Gobi Climate for Cancer