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(20-28 Apr 2019) Go Ultra Beyond: A Pure Nomadic Experience

Dates: 20 - 28 April 2019
Duration: 9 Days, 8 Nights
Destination: Mongolia

A challenge to all adventurers! Here's the greatest takeaway you can ever get on a trip abroad! This is now your time to experience life as a true nomad. 💪🏕🏔

You'll be grouped into pairs for your adventure. Each pair will be driven to their designated nomadic families on day 2. The partner that you've chosen will be doing everything with you. Cooperate with them, and you'll create memories that will last both of you a lifetime.

Hunting, riding and cooking are key activities in the daily life of a nomad. You'll need to take part in these activities if you want to survive on the Mongolian Steppe. By the end of this trip, both you and your partner will be seasoned survivalists that can live in the harshest of terrains.

No guides, no drivers. Your only source of support will be your host nomad family. This is your chance to experience the nomadic way of life that hasn't changed since the time of the Great Khan.

You'll try many things you've never done before.
Some of the things may make you hesitate, some may make you squeamish. You'll be using car batteries for power, drinking more milk tea than water, cooking with animal dungs..

At the end of this trip, you can confidently say that YES, you've pushed yourself out of your comfort zone.

We've only got 3 pairs available, so holler at us now if you're ready to join us in this magical adventure!

Don't Just Travel. Go Beyond.