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(28 Sept - 8 Oct 2019) The Legendary Kazakh Golden Eagle Hunting Festival

Dates: 28 Sept - 8 Oct 2019
Duration: 11 Days, 10 Nights
Destination: Mongolia

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to celebrate the majestic wonders of the Khorgo Volcano, Terhiin Tsagaan Nuur White Lake, or the ancient capital Kharakorum?

Or thought about being rejuvenated while soaking in the natural raw elegance of the rivers along the Mongolian Great Depression Lakes? And last of all, would you dare dream of entering into the dazzling world of the world’s finest eagle hunters?

Embark on an adventure across the endless steppes and travel beyond into the wild, wild west of the Altai Mountains and allow yourself an experience beyond anything you could ever imagine.

We've only got last 2 slots left, so holler at us now if you're ready to join us in this magical adventure!

Don't Just Travel. Go Beyond.