go beyond, go all out

We don't travel just for the sake of pictures; we go beyond the extra mile because we truly believe that actions, effort and results speak way louder than just fanciful words.



This project is about giving back and helping the less fortunate.

The children at “Beyond: Seeds” are akin to little seedlings. With our guidance and support, we hope they will also inspire and help out other orphans or those who are in need. At “Beyond: Seeds”, we educate and empower these children with life skills and experiences such as harvesting, health and fitness and yoga etc. 


  • Home Of Love - Batam Orphanage
  • Eco Literacy by Ong Chun Yeow


BEYOND x Singapore Cancer Society

We work very closely with Singapore Cancer Society (SCS) by supporting their charity events.

We organise our own charity events and fundraising expeditions frequently and also collaborate with SCS  such as the upcoming 1,000km trek in Mongolia happening this July 2018, together with 4 amazing cancer warriors! We hope to continue inspiring, creating constant positive change and bringing more awareness of cancer to the people around us. 


  • 8/10/2017 "A Walk To Remember"  
  • 10/3/2018 SCS "Relay For Life"
  • 29/7/2018 - 3/8/2018 "Braving 1000km of Brutal Gobi Climate for Cancer"

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