private vs group
expedition STYLE

What is your preferred choice? Let us know!



It's you with the people you know. You decide and set your preferred travel dates, duration and destination. We customise your itinerary, depending on what you want to do or see. 

✓ Private trip
✓ Travel holiday with family and/or friends
✓ Flexible dates, duration and destinations
✓ Customised itinerary



It's you with a new bunch of friends! We set the dates, duration and destinations, and you come along with us! Itineraries are specially curated by us; however, we do take into consideration of all participants' requests!

✓ Group trip
✓ Travel with new friends!
✓ Accompanied by Beyond Expeditions SG team member(s)*

These 2 trips are absolutely incomparable. Ultimately, it depends on your preferences!

If you have trouble making a decision, or have any questions, feel free to share with us!